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Crews Wanted and Available for Flying Fifteens

Flying 15/FF Crewing
Looking to sail in a Flying Fifteen? Need a replacement crew at short notice? Look no further than here.


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The procedure is;

  • You need to be Registered on the site and logged in to be able to post an entry.
  • Click on Add Article below. The screen will change and show a form for you to complete.
  • Enter the Title, and then select the Crew Wanted or Crew Available category.
  • enter a brief few words in the Summary text box as this is what appears in the Facebook page.
  • provide a fuller description of requirements in the Article Detail box'
  • To Publish your entry press Save and Close at the bottom of the form. The article will be visible for 3 months.
  • Your article will then be flagged for moderation by a site administrator after which it will become visible. 

Your entry will also be sent to the F15 Twitter channel and Facebook page as well.

Please ensure that you enter an expiry date your your request. If you do not then one may be added for you when your request is authorised that is not what you expected. Where no date is entered your entry will be archived 6 months from now. 

Crews Wanted / Available

Mike Cox
Crew Available

2024 / 25 world qualifying

Mike Cox

Hi all ff15 helms,

Experienced crew available for 2024 season starting with Grafham and then all world championship qualifiers with the plan to compete in the 2025 Weymouth World Championships.
Call Ian Cadwallader or Bill Chard for references or just call me on 07985206274 or email [email protected]
Many Thanks

Mike Cox
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