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World Championships Qualifier series

Fixtures and Results/Fixture List/World Championships Qualifier series
Where are you in qualifying for the next World Championships?

UKFFA Championship Series 2022

This section defines the rules for the UKFFA Championship Series 2022, comprising Area, National and Inland Championship events.

Entrants will compete in 3 divisions based on performance at the equivalent events in 2021. Prizes will be awarded for each division. The Championship Series will also serve as a qualification series to compete as part of the UKFFA team at the Flying Fifteen World Championships, 9 to 23 March 2023 in Fremantle Australia.

1. Qualifying Events

1.1 The following are the Qualifying Events for the Championship Series in 2022. For the Notice of Race and other information for each Qualifying Event refer to the Fixtures List on the UKFFA website.

23-24 April 2022 Northern Area Championship Royal Windermere Yacht Club 

14-15 May 2022 Scottish Championship Holy Loch Sailing Club 

28-29 May 2022 Inland Championship Grafham Water Sailing Club

18-19 June 2022 Southern Area Championship Parkstone Yacht Club

7-10 July 2022 National Championship Hayling Island Sailing Club

If, at any specific Qualifying Event, insufficient races are completed to constitute a series at the event (according to the Notice of Race for the event), that event will not be included as part of the Championship Series

2. Entrants and Eligibility

2.1 Any helm who enters any of the Qualifying Events, and is a current fully paid-up member of the UKFFA, is also an Entrant in the Championship Series.

2.2 For the avoidance of doubt, the helm is the Entrant and may sail with different crews and in different boats at Qualifying Events, and at the 2023 World Championship event.

2.3 Specific further entry requirements (measurement certificate, insurance, etc) are specified in the Notice of Race for each Qualifying Event. 

3 Championship Series Scoring

3.1 The final placings in each Qualifying Event will be used to construct a points table for all Entrants in the Championship Series Scoring.

3.2 A ‘High Points Percentage’ Scoring System will be used to calculate results for the Championship Series.

3.3 To be awarded a position in the Championship Series, a helm must sail at least the Number of Events to Count.

3.4 The Number of Events to Count will be 50% of the Qualifying Events included in Championship Series Scoring (see 1.2), rounded up.

3.5 If an Entrant competes in more than the Number of Events to Count, their worst placing(s) will be discarded.

3.6 An Entrant who does not compete in the Number of Events to Count will not be given a position in the final Championship Series Scoring. 

4 Championship Series Divisions

4.1 Prior to commencement of the Championship Series, potential entrants (helms) will be placed in one of three Divisions: Red, Blue and Green.

4.2 The principal method for allocating helms will be based on results from the equivalent five events in 2021.

4.3 Allocation will be as follows: 

Red Division: top 10 helms from 2021

Blue Division: helms 11-20 from 2021

Green Division: all other helms

4.4 Helms who enter the Championship Series at any point during 2022 but who did not compete in the Number of Events to Count in 2021, will be allocated to a Division based on past performance, in the Flying Fifteen or other classes.

4.5 Clause 4.4 means that the number of boats in the Red and Blue divisions may exceed 10. Helms will not be ‘demoted’ due to the allocation of new entrant helms to the same Division. 

5 Prizes and Ranking

5.1 Prizes will awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in each Division in the Championship Series. The Series Prizegiving will be held at the final event of the Championship Series.

5.2 Prizes may be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in each Division at each Qualifying Event, at the discretion of the organising club for each Qualifying Event.

5.3 Results from the Championship Series will be used to create a UKFFA National Ranking Table, which will be published after each event.

5.4 At the completion of the Championship Series, The National Ranking Table will be used for the allocation of places in the UKFFA team for the 2023 World Championship, and to allocate helms to Divisions for the 2023 UKFFA Championship Series.

5.5 Red, Blue and Green Division allocations will be included in the publication of the UKFFA National Ranking Table, but will not affect the allocation of places for the World Championship

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