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President's Letter for June
Jeremy Arnold 361

President's Letter for June

Thoughts from Bill about last week's Southerns and an International Regatta next year..?

So that’s the first Championship event done, and what an event it was. 57 boats entered for the Southerns at Parkstone last weekend, a remarkable number for a weekend open, no doubt buoyed by the extremely strong local fleet, but also an indicator of the level of interest in the class and in the 2025 Worlds for which this was the first qualifying event.

To me, equally notable was the fact that we saw 5 different race winners in 5 races, and only one of those got into the top 6 overall. Congratulations to Ben McGrane and Scott Dawson for a consistent winning performance in a highly competitive fleet.

Hot on the heels of the Southerns is the Nationals, starting just next week on Strangford Lough. Another beautiful location, and I’m sure another competitive event. See you there (or on the Tuesday night ferry from Liverpool which is looking like a popular route for many!).

I mentioned the Worlds, and I have a couple of items to mention in relation to that event.

1. There is an option to run an International Regatta alongside the World Championship. This would be an open event, probably sailed in Portland Harbour, over the same days as the Worlds. It’s an opportunity for anyone who doesn’t qualify in advance, or through the pre-Worlds, to be a part of the wider event. The organising committee needs to make a decision soon on whether to offer the International Regatta, and this depends on a certain level of support. So please consider whether you would enter such an event if you’re in that category, and either send me an email or look out for a more formal poll coming soon.

2. We know already that some potential visiting competitors will be looking for boats to charter. If you have a competitive boat you might be willing to offer, again please let me know. There is a ‘going rate’ for this, which definitely makes it worth considering.

That’s it for now, see you at the Nationals I hope!

Bill Chard, GBR 4069

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