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These are only the boats advertised with the UK Association. Other boats may be for sale in fleets around the country.

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FF2864, fast, race ready boat with settings guide. £2450 ono
Malcolm 809

FF2864, fast, race ready boat with settings guide. £2450 ono

FF2864, fast, race ready boat with settings guide. £2450

For Sale Flying Fifteen 2864

Well sorted Silver, loved to bits and very competitive. Winning boat 2011 FF worlds silver class. Same year First silver Northern Traveller, usually in top three in club racing Sundays.

She is a swift boat and is in full race trim, everything works well, lots of dynamic blocks, cleats etc. continuous kicker and outhaul. She is unusual in that she has a central hoop which I really like as all controls lead to the centre and she has a nice open feel, easy to move about in. She has cascade rig tension so easy to rig and she has a block and strap mast ram system as well. No loose buoyancy bags, she has all tanks with bags in them, so she has an advantage there.

She has a modern balanced rudder that increased her speed and removed the weather helm, I have made a conscious effort to keep her weight low with lighter boom, seldon modern mast, light paddle, light weight composite tunnel hatch, modern water resistant ropes etc. Keel is rust free and smooth. Her hull and cockpit are original gel coat and unpainted which is important for speed and elegance.

She is P&B rigged and has been set up to take the new longer jib as well as the Genoa. She comes with two suits of sails, a medium cut and full cut with corresponding kites. Both are in great condition the 2011 medium set has hardly been used as I sailed the 2010 to destruction then skipped this set.

The 2014 set is also nice, as I changed boats in 2016 so they were just used for two seasons. Split tail main and tapered spinny and jib sheets. Soft shackles on jib, her sheets are all colour coded so that her main sails are blue and the kite is red, makes it easy for the crew to learn the ropes. Harken high load furler top and bottom, dynema halyards and control lines.

Accessories include,Two hand bailers, wooden paddle, clip on painter, anchor and rescue rope included, she is fully class compliant.

Galvanised trailer, good bearings and new wheels and tyres. Transport cradles for mast and boom, good breathable boat cover included.

Built by Paul Amos in 1983 she is a mk4 which is a really good hull shape and she is up there with them and beating open boats often. Wooden deck so she looks great, glass hull so she is strong.

Dry sailed at BSC, she comes with measurement certificate, tuning settings, correct sail numbers and a racing compass (analogue). She also has all the race settings marked up in the cockpit so you can set up by numbers and be quick from the off.

Her name is Miss Kitty I have owned her for 18 years or so, I am selling her because she needs a new racing opportunity, I will be tearful when she leaves me I can tell you.

Price £2450 ono. She is located at Burton Sailing Club and is able to be test sailed as she is fully race ready.

Contact Malcolm Hall 07759 294969. Email [email protected]

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